Object of the Month: October 2018

October 28, 1918 in the Diary of Professor Vladimír Bergauer The birth of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918 intersected with everyday lives of Czech people in many different ways. The Medical Museum collection preserve a student diary of Vladimír Bergauer (1898-1942) later Associate Professor of General Biology at the Czech Medical Faculty in Prague, Director of […]

Czechoslovak Red Cross Health Patrols

Image 1: Pupils learn in the “Be Ready for Sanitary Defense” School Club. Image 2: Health Patrol members control hand hygiene of their fellow pupils in the classroom. Image 10: Proper sitting position at a school desk. S. E. Sovetov, Buď připraven k zdravotnické obraně : Příručka pro přípravu žáků národních a osmiletých škol v kroužcích BPZO  [Be Ready […]

Object of the Month: September 2018

Learn from the Soviet Red Cross and Red Crescent Health Patrols to Keep our Schools Clean and Healthy School Red Cross „Health Patrol“ propaganda poster, early 1950s (Printed by North Bohemia Print Works, Liberec) In the early 1950s the Czechoslovak Red Cross became a mass organization, as well as a part of the state-controlled healthcare system. The […]

Object of the Month: August 2018

Wooden washboard Hot summer days call for an object linked to water. History of hygiene cannot be separated from the history of medicine and health. The Medical Museum collections include multiple washbasins, chamber pots or toilet sets, as well as a wooden washboard from the Vysočina (Czech-Moravian Highlands) region, dating from the late 1800s. Grooved wooden […]