Object of the Month: February 2020

  Object of the Month: February 2021 Altest To celebrate all those who kept Dry February (or January) even during the pandemic In the interwar years, the temperance movement intensified both in Europe and in America. The Czechoslovak Abstinence Union (before 1918, The Provincial Society against Alcoholism) and other public health associations including the Red […]

Object of the Month: January 2021

Object of the Month: January 2021 Bacilínek On its web pages and on facebook, the Chrudim Puppetry Museum has shared the stage music composed by Miloš Smatek (1895-1974) for Jan Malík’s 1950 production of Bacilínek. Thank you! https://www.puppets.cz/cs/aktuality/nahravka-z-archivu-bacilinek In the second half of the 19th century the work of John Snow, Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch […]

Object of the Month: December 2020

Object of the Month: December 2020 COVID-19 Plush Virus Would you like a soft plush virus for your home? The Connecticut-based GIANTMicrobes company, which had brought hundreds of cuddly germs – deadly, annoying, as well as beneficial – as well as figures of vitamins, human organs and diseases to the toy market over the last two […]

Object of the Month: November 2020

Object of the Month: November 2020 Corrosive Sublimate, A Disinfectant Against the Virus, 1918 News of the current pandemic, the changing conditions and the response come as quickly as they go.  Some events and pseudoevents remain in our memory even after their protagonists depart the scene. At a press briefing on April 24, 2020, Donald Trump suggested […]

Object of the Month: October 2020

Václav Kocián, Petr Kadlec, Hua Hua Architects: Gastro žije Safe Zone (2020), NLK Medical Museum. Photograph by Veronika Löblová Object of the Month: October 2020 Gastro žije! Safe Zones in Corona Times The bright yellow table „Gastro žije“ (Gastro Lives) at the entrance to the Medical Museum is a part of the museum exhibit and its […]

Object of the Month: September 2020

Object of the Month: September 2020 A Woman Protected from Cholera A copper patch on the chest over flannel bandages, a bodice made of elastic rubber. Above the dress a belt of small bricks, with wax taffeta bow flying towards the back. Lower leg clothes triple garnished with herb bags at the foot. Shoes and overshoes with […]

Masks for Little Heroes

 Masks for Little Heroes (Hua Hua Architects, 2020). Lego figures put on face masks as well: doctors and nurses, superheroes and techers, sportsmen and workers, little men and little women. Why should children be afraid of them? Masks for Little Heroes were designed and made by the Hua Hua Architects studio in Brno. You can […]

Greek COVID 19 Stamp

The Greek stamp was issued as a token of thanks to health professionals as well as all those who followed the quarantine measures, by mid-June still very successful. On the reverse side of the bloc of stamps depicting a man on a ladder the image includes – as an apparent afterthought – a woman as well.

UN: We Are All In This Together

On August 11, a set of six postage stamps was published by the United Nations for the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, valued in dollars, euros and Swiss Francs. The stamps, designed by Rorie Katz, a graphic artist and illustrator and currently Creative Director of the UN Postal Agency, include pictograms for six public health […]