Medical Museum

The Medical Museum, a Department of the National Medical Library, welcomes You every Thursday between 2 PM and 4 PM. 

For visiting at other times, please make an appointment by calling us at 296 335 964 or writing to us.

The Medical Museum is located in the courtyard of the National Medical Library building, Sokolska 54, Prague 2: the third house round the corner from the I.P.Pavlova square.

Object of the Month: October 2019

Stimul 3 Electroacupuncture device

Object of the Month: September 2019

Bezoar Stone: Tricholith

Object of the Month: August 2019

Marienbad Mineral Water Bottle

Object of the Month: July 2019

Bullet-drawer (Kugelzieher) after Garengeot, first half of the 18 century


Object of the Month: June 2018

A 1930s Urine Testing Set

Object of the Month: May 2019

National Medical Library on a Historical Photograph

 New Objects on View in the NML Medical Museum

Menstrual aids in Czechoslovakia, 1970s.

Hygienic tampons Taneta (Rico Veverská Bitýška, since 1973) and Imuna, the „white mice“ (weisse Mäuse) imported from the DDR (VEB Vliestextilient Lößnitztal, 1970s-80s).  Hungarian-made cotton sanitary pads.

Finds in First-Aid Boxes

From the left: First-Aid kit contents, 1930s-50s  From the estate of dr. Ferdinand Najvar, Šumperk (1912-1979).  More First-Aid kit contents, 1960s-80s

Photograph by Petra Lendlerová

Photography by František Nič

Object of the Month: April 2019

Repairing the Schimmelbusch Syringe

Object of the Month: March 2019

Irrigator Eguisier: 19 Century Contraception

In Her Own Voice: The Story of Women’s Emancipation. The story, which includes NML Medical Museum  objects, is being told at the Naprstek Museum from April 29 till December 29, 2019.

A new exhibition in the Medical Museum commemorates the centenary of the Czechoslovak Red Cross Organization.


The exhibition Man-Made Man (Člověk v náhradách), which we have prepared together with the National Technical Museum and the Charles University, has been awarded 3rd Prize in the Museum of the Year category of the National Museum Competition Gloria Musealis 2018.


Further objects from our collections – including a jet injector used in the smallpox eradication campaign in Somalia in the 1970s – appeared at the exhibtions Czechoslovakia in 100 objects. History of University and Republic 1918-2018 exhibition in the Prague Carolinum,

The museum collections, including old prints, are available for on-site study  as well.  The museum lends objects primarily for exhibition purposes. For loans, photographs, visits and consultation, please contact:

Medical Museum, National Medical Library

121 32  Prague 2, Sokolska 54 (courtyard building)

Head: Simon Krysl

Tel: 00420 296 335 964

The book catalogue of the Medical Museum can be accessed through the MEDVIK portal.