From Smallpox to COVID

From Smallpox to COVID: Vaccination in the Czech Lands Medical Museum Exhibition The small exhibition From Smallpox to COVID introduces the history of vaccination from Edward Jenner and the Empress Maria Theresia, through the struggle of doctors and public health specialist with tuberculosis and postwar vaccination campaigns to the vaccines defeating the COVID-19 pandemic. Visitors […]

Masks for Little Heroes

 Masks for Little Heroes (Hua Hua Architects, 2020). Lego figures put on face masks as well: doctors and nurses, superheroes and techers, sportsmen and workers, little men and little women. Why should children be afraid of them? Masks for Little Heroes were designed and made by the Hua Hua Architects studio in Brno. You can […]

Object of the Month: July 2020

Object of the Month: July 2020 Remdesivir A collection of objects that depicts life in the time of a pandemic must include medicines. In a story of fighting disease, a drug bottle or phial represents victory, prefigures the end of the hard times and gives face to the hope that defeating the plague is in human power and […]

Hejrupáčci (The Hej Rup Guys)

 The Směr Cooperative was among the largest toy producers in socialist Czechoslovakia. In the 1980s, Směr manufactured simpler, smaller version of Igráček figures under the name Hej Rup. The series included a physician: two doctor toys belong to the Medical Museum collection and – although they wear no masks – have been included in the COVID […]

Masked Playmobil Figures

  Playmobil, the German version of the Igráček figure, has been produced by Geobra Brandstätter GmbH in Zirndorf since 1974. During the Corona pandemic, the makers of both Igráček and Playmobil used their production capacity to make face masks. For charitable purposes, both Igráček and Playmobil donned face masks themselves. Playmobil HeldInnen des Alltags campaign […]

Object of the Month: June 2020

  Object of the Month: June 2020 Igracek Figures With Face Masks Face masks have become the most prominent symbol of the Corona pandemic in the Czech lands and beyond. Masks represent, on the one hand, the efforts of thousands of people to contribute to defeating the plague, to protect themselves and to help those […]

General Medical Practice Past to Present

Medical Museum (National Medical Library) Exhibition General Medical Practice: Past to Present During the 19 and 20 centuries, the notion, content and conditions of medical practice in the Czech lands underwent turbulent developments. New „pocket exhibition“ in the NML Medical Museum shows the transformation of the setting of general medical practice, the advent of new […]