Masked Playmobil Figures

Nurse and Pharmacist (Krankenschwester/ Apotheker), HeldInnen des Alltags. NML Medical Museum Visual Art Collection, V 8-1, V 8-2


Playmobil, the German version of the Igráček figure, has been produced by Geobra Brandstätter GmbH in Zirndorf since 1974. During the Corona pandemic, the makers of both Igráček and Playmobil used their production capacity to make face masks. For charitable purposes, both Igráček and Playmobil donned face masks themselves. Playmobil HeldInnen des Alltags campaign supports the Corona-Nothilfefond of the German Red Cross; the Help with Igráček (Pomáhej s Igráčkem) project provides protective equipment for health professionals or firemen.

How to Use a Face Mask: A Playmobil Video