Masks for Little Heroes

Masks for Little Heroes: Hua Hua Architects, Brno, 2020. NML Medical Museum Visual Art Exposition, 315/2020

 Masks for Little Heroes (Hua Hua Architects, 2020). Lego figures put on face masks as well: doctors and nurses, superheroes and techers, sportsmen and workers, little men and little women. Why should children be afraid of them?

Masks for Little Heroes were designed and made by the Hua Hua Architects studio in Brno. You can print them on a 3D printer: or if you have no access to one, the studio can send you some tiny masks  by mail. In the Medical Museum COVID 19 exhibition, the masked heroes stand in the center, between rapid COVID tests, COVID stamps, other toys and masks for the rest of us, bigger size people.