UN: We Are All In This Together

NML Medical Museum Visual Art Collection, 328-2020.

On August 11, a set of six postage stamps was published by the United Nations for the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, valued in dollars, euros and Swiss Francs. The stamps, designed by Rorie Katz, a graphic artist and illustrator and currently Creative Director of the UN Postal Agency, include pictograms for six public health messages of the WHO – personal hygiene, physical distancing, recognizing symptoms, myth-busting, kindness to others and solidarity – and the slogan „We are all in this together: Help stop the spread of COVID-19.“  The pictograms were developed and made freely available on the internet by the TBWA Global advertising agency.  The drawing by a University of Delaware student Chiara Fiori portrays a health worker with a face mask inscribed by the word „thank you“in (at least) 66 languages.