Sewing Machine with Temptation

The Sběratel collectors’ fair – cancelled in March due to the epidemic and the emergency measures –published a complementary coupon accompanying the stamp titled Temptation (Pokušení, March 2020), designed by Vladimír Suchánek (b. 1933). The coupon and the postcard portray a sewing machine, commemorating „the tens of thousands of sewing machines and their artful owners, whose artifice and diligence put a spoke in the wheel of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in the months of March and April 2020.” The stamp on the postcard and the commemorative sheet issued on the occasion of ending the state of emergency of May 17 includes two ink-blots in the shape of COVID virions near to the sewing machine.

Do You Have a Mask? Together Against  Coronavirus. NML Medical Museum Visual Art Collection, 333-2020.