Eckoldt, Tab. I

Johann Gottlob Eckoldt, Über das Ausziehen Fremder Körper aus dem Speisekanale und der Luftröhre [On Removing Foreign Objects from the Digestive Tract and the Windpipe](Leipzig: Karl Tauchnitz, 1799). Google books.

Tab. I, A set of instruments for removing foreign objects from the esophagus: (1) an instrument after Petit from silver wire, whalebone and sponge, with wires to manipulate the sponge; (2) a version of the same instrument with a thinner whalebone, probably designed by Eckoldt; (3) a simple probang; (4) probang of the English type; (5-7) versions of the coin catcher with hooks on whalebone staff; (8) instrument after Petit for removing small, sharp objects; (9) another instrument designed by Petit, for removing large, soft objects such as fabrics or stringy chunks of meat; (10-12) another instrument for pulling out needles or grates, open.