Lasègue- Éguisier

 In 1881, the Parisian Gazette des hôpitaux civils et militaires published a jocular carnival issue, devoted to digestion, excretion and dejection. In the Czech Medical Journal (Časopis lékařů českých), the issue was summarized by Prof. Karel Chodounský (1843-1931). Having told a series of hospital toilet anecdotes, the famous neurologist, psychiatrist and internist internista Ernest-Charles Lasègue (1816-1883) adds an “apotheosis of the enema“ and demands erecting a monument to dr. Éguisier for his service to human metabolism. „To speak of apotheosis is no hyperbole, since dr. Égusier ministered to the intestines of the whole humanity.“ Apparently the proposal was never realized. Today, we do not know the likeness of the inventor.

“L’apotheóse du lavement,” Gazette des hôpitaux civils et militaires 54 (1881), 193-194.