Předmět měsíce: duben 2018

Tin Hot Water Bottle, 18 – early 19 Century

Containers for bed warming have been known in Europe since 1520s. Hot water bottles covered with fabric and placed on the body, were introduced in the 18 century: the earliest evidence of a tin hot water bottle comes from 1694. Often made of tin, later copper, brass or cheaper stoneware, they served, besides warming the body, to alleviate pain or spasms. Warming the belly or soles og the patient belonged, in the 1830s, among the remedies for cholera as well. Rubber bottles are known since the 1870s: the type still used today wad patented by Eduard Penkala in 1903 under the name Thermophore,

The flat, round bottle with a screw-on lid, decorative handle and engraved initials J.V.  was part of the museum collections already in the 1930s.

Medical Museum Collection, 1001/1962, 3/XIX, ø 22 cm, h 10 cm.