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PF 2022

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Zdravotnické noviny 25/51-2 (1976), 9

„At the end, I asked Comrade Červenková for a Christmas cookie recipe: a recipe for pumpernickel with coconut and chocolate. Cut pumpernickel into slices, immerse them in rum for a moment, then top with chocolate glaze and coat with coconut flakes. Simple, but very tasty.”

And a little historical inspiration for Your Christmas table: in December 1976, the Ministry of Health newspaper Zdravotnické noviny published a Christmas supplement. The journalists asked women, officials of the Ministry and the healthcare trade unions, about their holiday experience and strategies to manage pre-Christmas rush and stress. Ms. Josefa Červenková, the director of the Department for Cadre Policy at the Ministry, was asked for her cookie recipe as well. We chose from several Christmas cooking suggestions: but this pandemic season, more restless and tense than ever, this recipe may be just what we need.

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