Object of the Month: April 2022

    Object of the Month: April 2022 Knife for cutting clothes and boots of the injured First aid to a person with an open bone fracture, a bleeding wound or heat or chemical burns must be given quickly, causing as little pain and hurt as possible. Clothes covering the wound are best cut with a knife or […]

100. výročí otevření Hlavova ústavu

  21. dubna jsme si připomněli 101. výročí otevření Hlavova ústavu, budovy, v níž od roku 1921 působil Ústav patologické anatomie, Ústav pro bakteriologii a sérologii a Ústav soudního lékařství české lékařské fakulty v Praze, ale za  posledních sto let i řada dalších pracovišť pražských lékařských fakult. Oslavy, původně plánované již na loňský rok, zdržela pandemie. O to bohatší bylo setkání, které připomnělo dějiny české […]

Object of the Month: March 2022

Object of the Month: March 2022 Reader, Beware: Books Not Licked Do Not Transmit TB “To be pasted on the inside cover of a borrowed book! Reader, beware! (1) The borrower provides a clean paper cover for the borrowed book. (2) In the interest of public health, every reader is requested to report any infectious disease in the […]

Object of the Month: February 2022

  Object of the Month: February 2022 Fan-shaped Spatula When the abdominal cavity is open by incision (laparotomy) for ileus surgery or Caesarian section, intra-abdominal pressure may rise, pushing intestinal loops into the cut, preventing suture. An assistant, if available, can compress the intestine by hand, the surgeon may use a wide spatula. Both hand and […]

Object of the Month: January 2022

This butterfly is (in) oculated. Are You?  Object of the Month: January 2022   The January Object of the Month is based on wordplay: the English version must therefore be an explanation, rather a translation. The COVID 19 vaccination rates in the Czech Republic remain stubbornly Central European: higher than in Romania, Bulgaria or Poland and […]

Object of the Month: December 2021

Object of the Month: December 2021 “Vaccination Protects my Life”: Vilibald Weinzett, 1954   The matchbox sticker featuring a – perhaps – smiling child was published in 1954 by the SOLO factory in the Moravian town of Lipník nad Bečvou and conceived by the Research Institute of Health Education in Prague. The factory, founded in 1908, […]

PF 2022

PF 2022 Happy holidays and health and joy in the coming year to all our visitors and friends Zdravotnické noviny 25/51-2 (1976), 9 „At the end, I asked Comrade Červenková for a Christmas cookie recipe: a recipe for pumpernickel with coconut and chocolate. Cut pumpernickel into slices, immerse them in rum for a moment, then top with chocolate glaze and […]

Object of the Month: November 2021

Object of the Month: November 2021 A Charm Against Tuberculosis? Robert Koch, the discoverer of TBC-bacillus and the founder of bacteriology, became a heroic figure both in literature – in Czechoslovakia, in Karel Driml’s Bacilinek puppet play – and in the visual arts at the turn of the 20 century. The portrait of the Berlin […]

Object of the Month: October 2021

Object of the Month: October 2021 Hospital Lung Ventilator KPT-N In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Czechoslovak automatic pulmonary ventilators were being developed in the Presna mechanika (Prema, Precise Mechanics) factory in Brno by a team led by ing. Jaromír Bernreiter (1916-1966). Dr. Hugo Keszler (1916-1994), the head of anaesthesiology at the Clinical and Experimental […]